Afrigold Vape Battery 380mAh
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    510 Thread high quality battery that has 3 different voltages that allow you to set your own strength.

    There is also a pre-heat function.

    This battery works in conjunction with the Afrigold Vapes.

    It comes with a micro USB charging cable and is made in elegant black.

    Use with caution. The coil element or heating chamber becomes extremely hot. Do not touch this area once powered on. Do not leave unattended while powered on. Do not attempt to change the shape of the formed coil in any way. Do not let any liquids, waxes or gels make contact with the inner electronics. Do not customize or modify the unit internally or externally. Failure to follow cautionary tips could void the warranty and could cause serious injury to you or your property.


    Always allow the unit to completely cool down before touching it or cleaning it. Do not store whilst hot.

    1. Fully charge the unit before using.

    2. Connect the Vape Cart to the Afrigold 510 Battery.

    3. Quick click the power button 5 times to turn device on/off.

    4. Quick click the power button 2 times to preheat, and click one more time to stop preheating or click 3 times to change voltage.

    Green - 2.7v

    Blue - 3.4v

    Red - 4.2v

    5. Press and hold the button for continuous power.