Ashwagandha 50's
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    Herbal supplement used to promote a balanced response to stress and reverse the effects of stress.

    1-2 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

    • Adaptogen and anti-ageing remedy, Ashvagandha is a versatile herbal remedy
    • Ashvagandha is used to promote a balanced response to stress. A powerful adaptogen, that when used over a period of time, assists in reducing stress and reversing the effects of stress on the body, such as ageing. Ashvagandha is a tonic that works in all the body systems to promote optimal health. The calming and relaxing properties may assist with sleep disorders
    • For centuries this herb has been used to improve sexuality
    • The iron content in Ashvagandha may assist weakness, anemia and dystonia


    Withania somnifera