Cancer Support 120's
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    A natural herbal supplement containing ingredients which enhance the body’s own ability to arrest the growth of tumours. 

    1-2 capsule per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

    Most herbs used have Immune Modulating and immune boosting effects, which may assist the body to repair damaged cells. 

    • Pygeum and Pomegranate is widely used to treat prostate problems and assist the body to build up defenses against cancer. 
    • Sutherlandia, also called 'cancer bush' is widely used in the treatment of all types of cancer; and is therefore also included in our Skin Cancer cream, which is used with great success due to the properties of this herb. 
    • Anti-Tumour 
    • Anti-Tumour Properties 
    • Assist the body to arrest growth of tumour 
    • Cancer Prevention Properties 
    • Helps body with cancer-fighting 
    • Immune Modulator & Booster 
    • Repairs Damaged Cells 
    • Tumour shrinking properties 


    African Potato, Artichoke, Boswelia, Garcinia Cambogia, Graviola, Pomegranate, Pygeum, Sutherlandia, Other African Herbs Alcohol (tincture), Cranesbill Geranium, Pumpkin seed, Raspberry, Rhodiola, Vit B3, B12, C, Selenium, Zinc, Wild Dagga Wormwood