Cannabis Muffins (4's)
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Our cannabis muffins are freshly baked per request with THC & CBD infused cannabis baking oil. They are an ideal edible for on the go, as they are discreet and do not always need to be stored cool. Now available in various strengths & flavours to choose from!


Only eat a small portion first, then wait up to 2 hours to fully digest to determine suitable strength. We recommend to start with a milder dose and slowly increase over time until you have reached the desired effects. For sleep benefits, consume a few hours before bedtime.

WARNING: Contains active THC & CBD – Do not combine with alcohol or driving – Keep away from children!

Quantity: 4 Muffins per batch (mg is per muffin)

Contains: Cannabis Plant (Activated THC), Snowflake Muffin Mix ingredients (wheat & dairy)

Effects: Uplifting, Energetic, Relaxed and Euphoric

Medical Uses: Anxiety, nausea, pain, hypertension, sleep


Strength 40mg (Strong) or 5mg (Mild) or 60mg (Extra-strength)
Flavour Chocolate or Vanilla or Bran or Caramel Chip