CBD Fruit Pastilles

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The the easiest way to get your daily dose. Packed with 10mg of 99.8% CBD isolate per gummy, all you need is one or two of these delicious chews to get the full benefits of CBD.

20 x Fruit Pastilles

10mg 99.8% CBD Isolate per Pastille






Made with natural flavors, colors, sweeteners

Due to differences in individual physiology, what is considered a suitable dose is different for everyone. Dosage is based on the individual and their requirements, and we highly recommend “micro-dosing” to find the right minimum effective dose for YOU – “Start Low & Go Slow”. Results may vary based on individual physiology.

Recommended Starting Dose:

Start with 1 pastille. If after 60-90 minutes, a higher dose is required, increase by 1 until required dose is met.

Storage & Care:

Seal tightly in between use.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Do not put in the fridge.

Ingredients :

White cane sugar, Corn syrup, Corn starch, Lactic acid (plant derived), Citric acid, Artificial & Natural flavours, Sodium lactate, Inorganic colour FD & C, Titanium Oxide, Artificial colours, 99.8% CBD Isolate