Pain Free 50's
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    Capable and lasting pain relief and sedation.

    Red Vein Kratom is used by millions of people who suffer from severe pain. Studies have shown that Red Vein Kratom acts on the same receptors as strong pharmaceutical pain killers and that it presents a lower side effect profile than said pharmaceutical analgesics. Red Kratom may be used to manage depression and anxiety. The sedating effect may assist when insomnia is present due to pain. All Kratom strains (Red, White and Green) are used to assist with substance withdrawal. Kratom is known to assist effectively with severe pain, sedating and depression.

    Anxiety | Pain | Depression | Mood | Fibromyalgia | Gout | Injuries | Substance Withdrawal | Menstrual Pain | RLS

    Product Benefit

    Tummy pain, diarrhea, diuretic, malaria, tranquilizers and sleeping medication.


    May interact with pain medication, tranquilizers and sleeping medication.


    Do not exceed dosage. Consult with a medical professional if currently using prescribed medication or if symptoms persist. Consult with a Medical Professional if you have an existing liver condition. May be sedating. Take regular tolerance breaks. Up water intake.