Time 4 Coffee - Big 5 Mushroom Blended Coffee 250g

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    An organic Arabica gourmet coffee that is good for you!

    Big 5 Mushroom Blend coffee is a delicate blend of finely ground Medicinal (mostly Chinese) mushrooms and coffee beans that brews as a dark, smooth & nutty tasting coffee.

    Whole fruiting mushroom bodies are used.

    Big 5 Mushroom Blend coffee is enhanced with five scientifically proven adaptogenic mushrooms:

    • Reishi - for longevity
    • Cordyceps - for endurance
    • Lions Mane - for memory
    • Maittake - for heart health
    • Turkey tail - for antioxidants 

    Big 5 Mushroom Blend coffee, can be brewed in a drip coffee machine, chemex, french press or even as a cold brew.

    Best served black. Add milk, cream or sugar as preferred.

    Suggestion: chill as an iced coffee.

    Health benefits:

    • It is a healthier alternative to regular coffee
    • It may reduce anxiety
    • It may improve immunity

    Keep out of reach of children and animals.

    No under 18's.

    Store in a cool dry place.