Tiny Dancer Delta 8 Disposable Vapes 1000mg

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Looking for a high-quality THC vape alternative?

Introducing The Tiny Dancer Delta 8 (1000mg) rechargeable disposable Vape. The Tiny Dancer D8 is legal to purchase in South Africa, containing exceptionally low levels of 0.001% Delta 9. This means that you can have a legal High and consume it in public.

The Tiny Dancer’s D8 Disposable vape are among the few quality brands offering some of the highest quality legal psychoactive experiences at a reasonable price. What’s causing D8 vape disposables to quickly rise in popularity among consumers is its discrete portability, cleanliness, and consistent experience in taking a quick dose on the go.

D8 has a completely unique experience that most users are taking a strong liking to. Slightly different feelings can be produced with different strains of hemp used in the manufacturing of D8 with the potential addition of various terpenes and flavonoids. The recreational effects of D8 produces a mild to moderate psychoactive euphoric high without the negative side affects of conventional THC products.

The Tiny Dancer is very enthusiastic about their hemp derived products. They have full control over their entire manufacturing production from seed-to-sale procedures, following organic good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practices, and quality processes throughout the production process, creating the highest quality delta 8 from the best quality 100% American hemp crops. This allows them to produce consistency and reliability. The Tiny Dancer is Plant based only and contains no synthetics to it.

After the D8 is extracted from the quality THC strain, their purified oils are tested in an ISO/IEC17025 accredited lab to verify purity, potency, and Safety. You can Scan the QR Code at the back of each device, which will present you with its own COA.

The final stage of production involves injecting the D8 oil into their uniquely designed D8 vape disposable 1ml tanks.

The Tiny Dancer Disposable Rechargeable Delta 8 Vapes comes in ten different flavourlicious Strains:

Blue Rush – Sativa

Lineage: Blue Dream x Green Kush

Flavour: Mango Pineapple

Lineage Reported Effects: Energizing, Uplifting, Stress Reducing, Great for Pre-Workout Fitness, Pain Relieving

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Daddy Diesel – Hybrid

Lineage: Grandaddy Purp x Sour Diesel

Flavour: Wild Berry

Lineage Reported Effects: Intensely relaxing, Calm Balanced Head Change

Puff Count: 300 - 500

G-Spot – Indica

Lineage: Afghan Kush x G-13

Flavour: Forbidden Citrus

Lineage Reported Effects: Sexual Stimulant, Deeply relaxing head & body high, Stress & Pain relieving

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Mac Nilla – Hybrid

Lineage: MAC1 x GSC

Flavour: Vanilla Key Lime Cookie

Lineage Reported Effects: Happy, Appetite Stimulating, Full body Relaxation, Calm Balanced Head Change

Puff Count: 300 - 500

OG-Wreck – Sativa

Lineage: OG Kush x Trainwreck

Flavour: Bubble-gum

Lineage Reported Effects: Intensely Euphoric uplifted, Focused Daytime stress reliever

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Punch’d – Hybrid

Lineage: Sour Diesel x GSC

Flavour: Fruit Punch

Lineage Reported Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Powerful but Relaxing, Good for going out, Creativity

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Rainbow Kush – Indica

Lineage: Strawberry Cough x Limoncello

Flavour: Rainbow Candy

Lineage Reported Effects: Intensely Relaxing, Euphoric, Anxiety Reducing, May help with nausea & pain

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Tiny Twistz – Hybrid

Lineage: Citrus Twist x Lemon Rutz x Ekto Cooler

Flavour: Tangerine Citrus Candy

Lineage Reported Effects: Intensely Relaxing, Alert While calming, Creative, Non Lethargic, Anxiety reducing

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Tropical Cough – Sativa

Lineage: Strawberry Cough x Lemon Kush

Flavour: Pineapple Berries Lemon

Lineage Reported Effects: Energizing, Anxiety Reducing, Productive, Creativity, Not relaxed & lethargic

Puff Count: 300 - 500

Wedding Crasher – Indica

Lineage: Wedding Cake & Purple Punch

Flavour: Strawberry Wedding Cake

Lineage Reported Effects: Sexually enhancing, Deeply Relaxing head & Body High, Stress and Pain relieving, Anxiety Reducing

Puff Count: 300 - 500


Strain Blue Rush (Sativa) or G-Spot (Indica) or Mac Nilla (Hybrid) or OG-Wreck (Sativa) or Punch'd (Hybrid) or Rainbow Kush (Indica) or Tiny Twistz (Hybrid) or Tropical Cough (Sativa) or Wedding Crasher (Indica)