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The story behind Rick Simpson Oil

For Rick, the story really starts in 1997. He was working as an engineer in a hospital when the room he was in began to fill with toxic fumes. Unfortunately, at that moment, he was dangerously high up on a ladder. To clarify, he was up in the air, not really stoned on a ladder. The fumes caused him to faint and fall causing a serious brain injury and permanent tinnitus.

Like most people in western countries, his treatment consisted of prescription pills which left him foggy-headed and disabled. After doing some research into alternative treatments, he decided to start growing and smoking cannabis. Not only did it help, it completely relieved all of his symptoms and allowed him to live his life happily again. This news was not received well by the doctors who treated him however, and after a short time, he was no longer being seen by any of his doctors. One last piece of advice his family doctor gave was to turn the plant into oil, being that smoking any kind of medicine isn’t the healthiest way to consume. With that wisdom, Rick decided to extract the essential oils from his plants and created a new product now known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil).

In 2003 Rick was back in a doctor’s office after discovering a few discolored spots on his skin, which turned out to be skin cancer. He went through conventional treatment to remove one spot. Upon observing the cancer and the effects of the treatment, he was not satisfied, and once again resorted to using cannabis oil. He applied RSO to his remaining spots, as well as damage caused by the initial removal, all of which completely healed and disappeared within 4 days. This is where the story begins for all of us. Because the doctors, hospitals, and medical institutions really didn’t like this information, and immediately refused to treat or listen to Rick anymore. Rick knew, if they weren’t going to let the world know about this medical miracle, then it was up to him to let every struggling person out there know there was a better option.


- Rick Simpson

He first told friends and family in a small town in Nova Scotia and the word spread quickly. Soon after there was a conversation in the local Canadian Royal Legion Hall. After some discussion and research, the leadership of the Hall decided this new information needed to be observed by the highest courts and officials in Canada. After several requests for a formal investigation into these claims and treatments, the National Legion association closed that legion hall and removed its leadership without warning or opportunity to appeal. They drew a clear battle line that said they were against Rick and his movement. But, he was unwavering and continued his mission. From 2003 on, despite any requests or attempts by the Canadian government to make him stop, Rick had an open invitation to ANYONE IN THE WORLD to visit his home and have his medicine. For free. That’s right. He never one time charged anyone for this life-saving medicine, and in all treated thousands of people.

In 2004 Rick appealed to the Canadian Cancer Society with testimonials asking them to endorse cannabis, or to at least look into it. Their response was that they “Do not support medical products or dietary supplements.” In 2005/2006 the Canadian government had enough and really went after Rick. They sent in Mounties and confiscated 1500 cannabis plants from Rick’s property. After the necessary court process, they were unable to convict Rick of any of the crimes typically associated with cannabis distribution. He wasn’t distributing, people came to him. He wasn’t ever profiting. In fact, he lost money and time for his effort and then gave away the medicine for free to anyone who needed it. And after it was all over, he went right back to growing, producing, and providing. He also started an organization called Phoenix Tears and began creating” How To” videos so that his methods could be shared with people globally.

In 2009 the Canadian government came after him one last time, raiding his home and once again confiscating all of his cannabis and cannabis products. He, once again, was not convicted of any serious crimes, but he knew he couldn’t stay in his homeland any longer. In 2013 he moved to Europe where he has lived ever since. He still continues to advocate for medical marijuana. He has put the instructions to make RSO in 72 languages available online. And while he is a proponent for industrial cannabis, he has never filed a patent for his RSO because his mission is only to make sure the world can access this medicine, which means he hasn’t turned a profit from his effort. Tragically in 2018, Rick had a stroke. If you are inspired by Rick’s incredible story and want to help his cause, you can purchase his books “Rick Simpson Oil: Nature’s Answer for Cancer” and “Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story”.

There have been many pioneers over the last century that have petitioned, struggled, and otherwise fought for the right to choose and use cannabis, Rick Simpson is no exception

Source: Easy Mountain - Drew Beine

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