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I have battled with my sleep for years. I am a very light sleeper and have insomnia. I cannot sleep without ear plugs as any noise will keep me awake. I have tried many over the counter supplements but never found one that really worked and taking sleeping pills is not an option.

My daughter Kerryn (22) was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and for the past 11 years has been on Pexola. Even on medication, her sleep is not good quality sleep. Her cortisol production was also reversed, meaning she actually wanted to stay awake at night and sleep during the day. With supplements we have reversed this process.

I have always been one to try new things, anything to help both Kerryn and myself get better sleep.

I got CannaMed to work out a protocol for us. We have been taking CannaMed since August last year and it has been amazing. Kerryn sleeps a solid 8 hours a day now, and we hope to reduce the Pexola at some stage. It has always been my goal to get her off medication and rather give her natural supplements. I am also getting a good nights sleep with up to 2 hours deep sleep a night. Before using CannaMed I was getting about 10 to 20 mins deep sleep a night. I take CannaMed with me wherever I go because if I don’t take it, I know I will be awake during the night and feel terrible the next day.

I always had problems sleeping, I constantly used to have restless sleep. Ever since I have been using Cannamed’s capsules I have had full nights of uninterrupted restful sleep.

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